Hypocrisy Poster

The liberal Democrats have been looking for an issue for the upcoming campaign. Their use of the manufactured contraception issue shows the hypocrisy of the left. Allowing a political activist like Sandra Fluke to testify about contraception at a hearing on religious freedom was underhanded and deceitful.

Then, when her testimony was ruled as out of order by Chairman Darrell Issa, the Democrats set up a ” show trial” attended all of their leadership. This is where she made her famous statement (Video).

This rigged photo op was in response to the very serious charge that Catholic leaders made in response to the Obama administration’s contraception mandate. At first, the administration had ordered religious institutions to offer contraception methods in the health insurance plans.

This sparked a massive blowback from the Catholic Church, led by Cardinal Timothy First AmendmentDolan of New York. The administration then revised their plan and put forward one in which the insurance companies would absorb the costs. Of course, the religious institutions saw right through this ruse and objected to this approach, knowing that the insurance carriers would just hide it in their overall plan costs.

Unbeknownst to the general public, Catholic Church advisers had met with White House staff to negotiate. Basically, they were told to shut up and get with the program. The White House seems to think that they know more about Church doctrine than the Church itself.

In an effort to get the religious liberty issue off the front page, the Democrats decided to kill two birds with one stone and introduce the issue of contraception into the area. They have substituted a women’s right to contraception, which no one was denying, with fundamental religious freedom.

They, of course, received the response that they were hoping for from Rush Limbaugh who referred to Ms. Fluke as a slut. An instant firestorm of controversy and hyperbolic indignation erupted.

Lost in the massive, manufactured controversy was the original issue of religious freedom.  The Democrats have been able to bury that amid the wreckage. Very few people questioned Ms. Fluke’s original premise that birth control costs $3,000 a year. Instead, they are ready to march over something that no one denies, a women’s right to birth control.

The Obama administration is trying hard to retain the women’s vote because they’ve lost independents and blue-collar Democrats. The paragraph below was not written by me but was a comment on a Facebook page.

Guess O has the women’s vote so long as women don’t: 1) Drive ($3.80 avg. per gallon up from $1.81); 2) Work or have husbands who work (median income down 6.7%); 3) Buy groceries (misery index up 45%) or 4) Own a house (home values down 13%).

So Bloomberg tells us O’s surefire plan to woo women is “Look ladies … free birth control pills!”